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A.B Packing Co Total:2 (2)
A.B.C. Canning co a/s Total:18 (18)
A.Idsøe Total:1 (1)
a/s Albatros Total:3 (3)
a/s Bergen Canning Co Total:16 (16)
a/s Bergen Packing Co Total:1 (1)
a/s Bergenhus Canning Total:13 (13)
a/s Buøen Packing Co Total:35 (35)
a/s Conservican  Total:1 (1)
a/s Cosmopolitan Canners Ltd Total:1 (1)
a/s Foki Total:1 (1)
a/s Fredriksvern Preserving Ltd Total:1 (1)
a/s Globe Canneries Ltd Total:3 (3)
a/s Hermetik oslo Total:2 (2)
a/s Hermetikkfabrikken Viking Total:2 (2)
a/s Hermetikkfabrikkenes Sildecentral Total:1 (1)
a/s Hundvaag Sardine Co Total:6 (6)
a/s Inter-can-Co Ltd  Total:4 (4)
a/s Leda Canning Co Ltd Total:4 (4)
a/s Lester Preserving Co Ltd Total:1 (1)
a/s Mermaid Preserving Co Ltd Total:1 (1)
a/s Norwegian Canners`Export Office Total:3 (3)
a/s Norwegian Packing Co Ltd Total:6 (6)
a/s Novega Fish Canneries Ltd Total:1 (1)
a/s Ocean Packing Ltd Total:6 (6)
a/s Paragon Canners Ltd Total:10 (10)
a/s Standard Ltd Total:24 (24)
a/s Stavanger Sardine Co Total:10 (10)
a/s Svithun Sardinfabrik Total:43 (43)
a/s The Stavanger Brisling Packing Co Ltd Total:5 (5)
a/s Trondhjem Preserving Co Total:3 (3)
a/s United Canners Ltd Total:0 (0)
a/s Venus Packing Co Ltd Total:6 (6)
a/s Vestvik Preserving Førde Total:1 (1)
a/s Western Packing & Export Co Total:1 (1)
Alliance Canners Ltd Total:1 (1)
Alnæs Canning Co Total:7 (7)
Amalgamated Norway Canneries Ltd a/s Total:9 (9)
Angus Watson & Co Total:3 (3)
Arctic Canneries Ltd Total:15 (15)
Ark Canning Co as Total:1 (1)
Askvoll Canning a/s Total:1 (1)
Associated Canners Ltd Total:7 (7)
Associated Packers Ltd Total:3 (3)
Atlantic canning Co a/s Total:46 (46)
Atlas Canning Co as Total:2 (2)
Aurora Canneries Ltd Total:4 (4)
Bergen Preserving Co a/s Total:19 (19)
Bernhard Canning Co a/s Total:1 (1)
Birger A.N. Nielsen Total:1 (1)
Bjung Fabrikker Ltd Total:1 (1)
Bodø Packing Co Ltd Total:1 (1)
Brehmer & Co a/s Total:2 (2)
Brislingfabriken Victoria a/s Total:12 (12)
Brødrene Osmundsen Total:8 (8)
Bø Preserving Co a/s Total:2 (2)
Bøker om hermetikken Total:7 (7)
C.B.Smith&Bro. Total:1 (1)
C.Houge Thiis Total:8 (8)
Cape Canning Co Ltd Total:14 (14)
Central Canning Co a/s Total:131 (131)
CHR Bjelland & co a/s Total:240 (240)
Concord Canning Co Total:14 (14)
Delano Potter & Co Total:1 (1)
Eclipse Preserving Co. Ltd. Total:1 (1)
Emerald Canning Co Ltd Total:1 (1)
Engelsviken Preserving a/s Total:1 (1)
Engøy Packing Co a/s Total:1 (1)
Falcks Canneries Ltd as Total:1 (1)
Fancy Fish Canneries Ltd Total:2 (2)
Farsund Packing Co  Total:3 (3)
Firda Canning Co Total:2 (2)
Fjordfisk s/l Total:1 (1)
For de som venter på *****firmanavn****** Total:4 (4)
Fordwel Fish Canneries a/s Total:2 (2)
Fosnavåg Canning Co a/s Total:1 (1)
Fr Omdahl Total:4 (4)
Fram Canneriers Ltd a/s Total:1 (1)
Fredrikstad Preserving Co Total:0 (0)
Friday Packing Co Total:1 (1)
G Kommedal Packing Co Total:32 (32)
Gannsfjord Preserving Co a/s Total:1 (1)
Globe Canneries Ltd a/s Total:2 (2)
Grand Canning Ltd a/s Total:2 (2)
Grundvik & Abrahamsen a/s Total:2 (2)
H.W.Appel Hannover Feinkostfabrik Total:1 (1)
Hans P Forgaard Packing Co a/s Total:1 (1)
Hans Poulsen & søn  Total:1 (1)
Hansa Canning Co a/s Total:14 (14)
Haugesund Canning Co Total:5 (5)
Haugesund Preserving Co Total:1 (1)
Havgull Packing Co Total:5 (5)
Helje Valvatne  Total:1 (1)
Henry Olsen& Co Copenhagen Total:5 (5)
Herkules Canning Co a/s Total:7 (7)
Hermetikfabriken Mira  Total:6 (6)
Hermetikfabriken Roal a/s Total:2 (2)
Hermetikfabrikken Harald Total:1 (1)
Herøy Canning Co a/s Total:6 (6)
Hillevaag Canning Co. A/S Total:5 (5)
Hillevaag Sardinfabrik Total:2 (2)
Hindø Canning a/s Total:8 (8)
Hoem Canning Co a/s Total:3 (3)
Holmens Preserving Co a/s Total:6 (6)
Holmestrand Sardine Co a/s Total:5 (5)
Horten Preserving Co as Total:1 (1)
Howard Packing Co Total:3 (3)
Husvær Canning Co Total:2 (2)
Hvaler Canning Co a/s Total:1 (1)
Idun Sardine Co a/s Total:4 (4)
Imsland Canning Co Total:1 (1)
J.R Holm Ltd Total:4 (4)
J.Travers & Sons Ltd Total:1 (1)
Jadar Næringsmiddelfabrik Total:2 (2)
Jaeger Sardine Factories Ltd Total:6 (6)
Jaegers Ltd Total:12 (12)
James Canning Co as Total:1 (1)
Johan J Hellland a/s Total:4 (4)
Johan Lie a/s Total:1 (1)
Johan T Oestboe a/s Total:17 (17)
John Braadland LTD Total:40 (40)
John Larsen Preserving Co as Total:3 (3)
John. Mæland & Co a/s Total:14 (14)
Johnsen Couprie & Co Total:1 (1)
Johs.Conradsen a/s Total:20 (20)
Jonas Høiland Co as Total:1 (1)
Karmo Canneries a/s Total:1 (1)
Koehler & Hinrichs Co Total:1 (1)
Kvitsøy Preserving as Total:2 (2)
L.A.Mydland Canning Co a/s Total:3 (3)
Mercantile Canning Co a/s Total:5 (5)
Mercur Canning Co as Total:16 (16)
Midnatsolen Preserving Co Total:5 (5)
Mogens Canning Co a/s Total:14 (14)
Møller Preserving Co Ltd Total:2 (2)
Møllers Preserving Co as Total:8 (8)
Neptun Canning Co Total:24 (24)
Nilsen Packing Co Ltd a/s Total:10 (10)
Norbest canning Co a/s Total:1 (1)
Norcanners Export Co Ltd Total:11 (11)
Norcanners Ltd Total:10 (10)
Normanna Packers únion Ltd Total:15 (15)
Norrig Hermetikkfabrikker a/s Total:16 (16)
Norse Crown Canning Co a/s Total:19 (19)
Norseman Canning Co a/s Total:3 (3)
North Sea Packing Co a/s Total:11 (11)
Northern Preserving Co Total:7 (7)
Norway Canning Co Ltd Total:2 (2)
Norway Fine Foods Co as Total:4 (4)
norway Foods Ltd a/s Total:2 (2)
Norwegian Fish Canners as Total:7 (7)
Norwegian Fish Canners´Export Ltd as Total:1 (1)
Norwegian Packing Co Ltd Total:2 (2)
Norwegian Preserving Co a/s Total:20 (20)
Nybø Preserving co Total:5 (5)
Oanes Preserving Total:1 (1)
Ole Boe Total:3 (3)
Packed at Stavanger Norway Total:1 (1)
Paragon Canners Ltd Total:3 (3)
Powell Bros & Co Total:1 (1)
Premier Packing Co Ltd Total:1 (1)
Preserving Co Nor Total:16 (16)
Quality Canning Co Ltd Total:6 (6)
R.C Williams & Co Inc Total:3 (3)
R.Lehmann&Co Ltd London Total:1 (1)
Reform Preserving Co a/s Total:4 (4)
Rekefjord Packing Total:1 (1)
Reklamefondet for den norske Hermetikkindustri Total:2 (2)
Rennesøy Preserving CO a/s Total:1 (1)
Royal Canning Co a/s Total:3 (3)
Rønneberg Preserving Co a/s Total:20 (20)
Sandnes Conservesfabrik as Total:1 (1)
Sandnes Preserving Co a/s Total:10 (10)
Sandnæs Canning Co as Total:1 (1)
Sardine factories a/s Total:2 (2)
Sardinfabriken Avance a/s Total:31 (31)
Sardinfabriken Gand Total:6 (6)
Sardinfabriken Ideal a/s Total:3 (3)
Sardinfabriken Norrig Total:1 (1)
Seacoast Canning Co Ltd Total:1 (1)
Season Products Corp a/s Total:3 (3)
Seeman Brothers Inc Total:1 (1)
Sigmond Packing Co Ltd as Total:13 (13)
Sigurd Boe Ltd a/s Total:2 (2)
Sognefjordens Sardine Co Total:2 (2)
Standard Canning Co a/s Total:24 (24)
Standard Canning Co Ltd Total:1 (1)
star Canning Co a/s Total:10 (10)
Star Preserving Co Total:1 (1)
Start Canning a/s Total:1 (1)
Stavanger Ansjos Co Total:6 (6)
Stavanger Canning Co a/s Total:26 (26)
Stavanger Canning Export a/s Total:3 (3)
Stavanger Export Co Total:1 (1)
Stavanger Hermetiske fabrik a/s Total:10 (10)
Stavanger Packing a/s Total:26 (26)
Stavanger Preserving Co a/s Total:63 (63)
Stavanger-fjord Packing Ltd Total:15 (15)
Sterling Canning Co Ltd Total:1 (1)
Stord Canning Co a/s Total:0 (0)
Storm & Bull Ltd Total:1 (1)
Storm Canning Co Ltd Total:13 (13)
Strømstad Canning Co a-b Total:0 (0)
Sunshine Canners Ltd Total:1 (1)
Sørlandets Hermetikkfabrikk a/s Total:5 (5)
T Rønneberg Total:1 (1)
Tau Preserving Co A/S Total:3 (3)
The C. Borgen Packing Co Total:14 (14)
The Dolphin Packing Co Total:1 (1)
The Felix Packing Co Ltd Total:1 (1)
The Flamingo Packing Co Total:1 (1)
The Forsberg Sardine Factory as Total:1 (1)
The Golden Net Preserving Co as Total:2 (2)
The Harlesden Packing Co Total:2 (2)
The Imperial Canneries Ltd Total:18 (18)
The Imsland Canning Total:1 (1)
The international Canning Co Ltd Total:3 (3)
The Jaeger Smedsvik Co Total:2 (2)
The London&Norwegian Preserving Co a/s Total:2 (2)
The Norwegian Brisling Packers Ltd Total:10 (10)
The Norwegian Sardine Factories a/s Total:1 (1)
The Oversea Canning Co Ltd Total:18 (18)
The Primrose Packing Co Total:2 (2)
The Stavanger Brisling Packing Co Ltd Total:2 (2)
Thor Egeland Total:2 (2)
Ths. Ottesen Total:3 (3)
Ths. Ottesen & Sons Total:2 (2)
Ths.Jaasund Canning Co Total:2 (2)
Tonson Packing Co a/s Total:19 (19)
Trans-Scandia Canneries Ltd a/s Total:7 (7)
Triton Canning Company as Total:9 (9)
Trygve Abrahamsen Conservering Total:1 (1)
Trygve Reime Stavern Total:5 (5)
Union Canning Co a/s Total:33 (33)
United Norwegian Packers Ltd Total:1 (1)
United Pure food Co Total:1 (1)
United Sardine Factories a/s Total:136 (136)
Universal Canneries Ltd as Total:2 (2)
Uten Firma Navn Total:91 (91)
V.O.Tandberg Total:2 (2)
Vassøy Canning Co Total:2 (2)
Viking Sardine Factories a/s Total:6 (6)
Walco Canning Co Total:1 (1)
Werring Juel & Co Total:1 (1)
West Norway Canning Co as Total:4 (4)
Ølbrikker Total:1 (1)

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Primrose Brand

Primrose BrandNew

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Primrose Brand

Primrose BrandNew

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Norwegian Brisling in pure olive oil
3 3/4 OZ
V.L.K 929
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Red Star BRAND

Red Star BRAND

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Selected Norwegian smoked sardines
in pure olive oil
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Photo No. 1-10 (out of 2082 photos hit)
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